PLAN of the abbey

1. Look at the front of the church and the wooded slopes of the Cotils.
2. Go to the bottom of the nave to have a complete view of the church.
3. Go under the tower to see the choir and the transept vault.
4. Pass under the arches and from the cloister courtyard, look at …..
5. …what remains of the angle of the cloisters.
6. Lavatorium arches.
7. The Refectory was restored in 1989-1998.
8. Entrance to the ’Chapter House. See both sides of the arches.
9. From the lawn on the left, look at the aqueduct (1803), and in the distance at the end of the park, look at the flight of steps leading to the forest (Louis XIV period)
10. Go round the infirmary noticing the walled arches of the old kitchens.
11. The pond. Do not go too near. From the pond, look at the Abbot’s mansion.
12. South gate (17th c.)
13. End of the refectory, vaulted cellars (12th c.)
14. Restored guest room. Note the beams.
15. Blessed Achard Chapel. (close actually to restoration)
16. Dove-cote (pigeons)
17. Return to entrance.

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Opened from the 31st March 2018

Open every day except on Sunday morning and on special services morning (mass at 11am)

From the 31st march to 30th September : 10-12am // 2-6.30pm (5pm in march)

The abbey is open during the holidays of All Saints (from 20/10 to 04/11) : 10-12am // 2-5pm and during Christmas holiday from 22nd to 31st December : 10-12am // 2-5pm.
Closed on December 25th, all the day.
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On the historic road of Norman abbeys, Lucerne abbey is located in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel at the center of the triangle Avranches - Granville - Villedieu-Les-Poêles.


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