Masterpiece of middle age architecture.

The Lucerne abbey is a Premonstratensian monastery : following rules set by Saint Augustine, the Premonstratensian order associated contemplative live and parish management.

The abbey was founded in 1143, the work started as early as 1161. And the Abbey was restaurated from the XV century at the XVII century.

A monument of architectural and spiritual significance in a beautiful setting.

Nestling in the hollow of the Thar valley in the Manche department near the commune of Lucerne d’Outremer and founded in the XII century, Lucerne Abbey has benefited from remarkable preservation and restoration program since 1959.

Classified as a “Historic Monument” in 1928, The Abbey is remarkable by its shear size, architectural heritage and historical significance. The buildings are of the architectural Premonstratensian period that evokes emotions of destitution and harmony using pure lines and brightness.

Visit a masterpiece of middle age architecture, the Anglo-Norman style tower which heralds the gothic period, the abbey church with its fine Romanic façade, the cloister and a Romanic Canons’ washbasin, the refectory, the bakery, the west monastic building and the dovecote. You will find this Premonstratensian site surrounded by a picturesque forest and park with remaining vestiges of an aqueduct

In 1928 , the abbey was classified as a Historical Monuments.

He was appalled by the state of the site. In 1954, he founded the Association des amis de La Lucerne to “save what remained of La Lucerne abbey”.
The abbey was in pitiful state. All that was left of the church was the west façade, seven of the nave’s twelve original piers, the transepts and the choir.

From 1960 to 1971, the restoration of the choir, the transept and the tower, under the auspices of Yves-Marie FROIDEVAUX, chief architect from the department of Historical Monuments, was the first step towards extensive further salvage work.

The church’s reconstruction was a matter of luck, thanks to the encounter, in Dol-de-Bretagne in 1987, between two men : Abbot LELÉGARD and Pascal THOMAS, a master mason. Pascal Thomas arrived at La Lucerne Abbey in December 1987 and in 1988, he began the reconstruction of the church nave, an exemplary effort lasting many years, guided by the Abbot LELEGARD, who initiated him to the abbey’s restoration and requested that the maintain a daily journal on his work’s progression. For the past twenty years, the abbey has been revived thanks to the skilled hands of this devoted craftsman !

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Opened from the 1st April 2020

Open every day except on Sunday morning and on special services morning (mass at 11.15 am)

From the 1st April to 30th September : 10 am-12 pm // 2-6.30 pm

The abbey is open during the holidays of All Saints (from 17/10 to 01/11) : 10 am-12 pm // 2-5 pm and during Christmas holiday from 19th to 31st December : 10 am-12 pm // 2-5 pm.
Closed on December 25th, all the day.
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On the historic road of Norman abbeys, Lucerne abbey is located in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel at the center of the triangle Avranches - Granville - Villedieu-Les-Poêles.


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