The GREAT ORGANS of La Lucerne

The great organs

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In 1779, upon the creation of the diocese of Chambéry, the Franciscans abandoned their chapel which was later to be elevated to a cathedral. The brethren brought the positive organ, but left the great organs dating from 1514 in a pitiful state.

In 1780, two organ builders from the Court of Turin, Stiernemann et Concini, restored and completed the instrument.

In 1845, the cathedral resold the instrument to Belley cathedral which, in turn sold it in 1858 to the Notre-Dame church in Salins-Les-Bains, in the Jura region.

The great organs of Lucerne Abbey

In 1962, the church was deconsecrated, the organ case was left to the worms and the pipes deposited in Saint Anatoile’s church. Abbot Lelégard was already interested in the instrument, which was known to the organist, Michel Chapuis, a member of the 5th section (organs) of the Commission supérieure des Monuments historiques (Historical monument superior commission), and who suggested its classification, which was accepted in 1975.

The instrument’s restoration was entrusted to Philippe Hartmann and Jean Deloye. Temporarily installed in the south arm of the transept, the organs were to return to their original location at the back of the western façade of the nave.

The organ case, of French classical style with Savoyard design is entirely made of wood : mahogany, walnut and pine. The stops are made of pewter.

The diapason of the organ is A [1] 440 (18 °) with a German uneven temperament (Kirnberger III).

Composition of the great organs

3 keyboards - crankset. Mechanics with suspended drive.

Grand orgue : 54 notes

montre 8 Pds*
cornet V rgs 3e C
bourdon 8 Pds
prestant 4 Pds
flûte conique 4 Pds
nazard 22/3 de Pds
doublette 2 Pds
tierce 13/5 de Pds
quatre 2 Pds
fourniture III rgs
cymbale II rgs
trompette 8 Pds
clairon 4 Pds

Positif : 54 notes

bourdon 8 Pds
montre 4 Pds
flûte à cheminée 4 Pds
nazard 22/3 de Pds
doublette 2Pds
tierce 13/5 de Pds
larigot 11/3 de Pds
plein jeu IV rgs 2/3 de Pds
cromorne 8

écho-récit expressif : 54 notes

bourdon 8 Pds
gambe 8 Pds
voix céleste 8 Pds
flûte 4 Pds
cornet I/III rgs 13/5 de Pds
voix humaine 8 Pds
basson-hautbois 8 Pds

accouplement I/II – III/II
tirasse II
cuillère volets écho-récit

pédale : 30 notes

soubasse 16 Pds
flûte 8 Pds
flûte 4 Pds
trompette 8 Pds

* Abréviations : Pds = pieds (33 cm) ; rgs = rangs

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